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Our first workshop in the Arts NSW Encore series was printmaking with Seraphina Martin. Eight people participated over four weekly sessions. With some never having dabbled in art before, the results were really lovely.

Techniques explored included dry point: scratching an image directly into the plate; intaglio scratching a line image then putting it in an acid bath to deepen the lines; and finally aquatint providing areas of tone on the images.
Usually a studio is specifically set up for all these etching techniques but because Seraphina uses non- toxic methods we were able to set up in the Roomies’ studio to get our plates ready for printmaking. You do however need a printing press, which we are grateful for Seraphina providing Roomies with.
The aquatints were technically a challenge but worked surprisingly well with Seraphina’s capable tuition.
Some prints were hand coloured. Some used a colour roll, which is a roll of colour graded into different shades (in this case) and printed behind the intaglio line drawing. This gave extra depth to the images.
People expressed that they wanted to learn new things and meet other people and participants agreed the workshops provided both of these.

Photos by Michael Baker

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