“Ceramified” AYA Arts Mentorship Wrap Up

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Over the 12 week mentorship program “Ceramified” supported by the Amplify Your Arts Grant, Roomie artist Clarrice Collien attended Jenny Orchard‘s studio to develop a body of work in ceramics.  Clarrice was encouraged to explore ideas and develop personal themes from drawings into 3D objects learning new techniques in glazing and hand-building.  She also enjoyed developing a new relationship with a professional artist and gained insight to the working space of an individual artist’s studio.

Art works created included a “Creature Tree”, a series of hand painted wall plates, a series of heads, and an installation of various animals to make up a Noah’s Ark.

Jenny Orchard shared some observations during the mentorship “Clarrice is enjoying painting she loves to make and paint animals, trees and landscapes.”

“Constructing an installation of animals in a farmhouse based on Noah’s Ark the animals are from everywhere.  Clarrice is concentrating well on her chosen tasks, she takes pride in her work.”

“It was a wonderful experience for both of us.  I loved her enthusiasm.” Clarrice finished works (494x640) Clarrice and Jenny with Clarrice's finished works (640x427)

The Damien Minton Gallery in Redfern will be including the work developed during the “Ceramified” project in a series of one night exhibitions to be held in December 2013.

The series, ‘One Night Stand’, features 14 exhibitions held on 14 consecutive nights.

The exhibition is to be held on Sunday December 15, 2013 and Clarrice’s work will be shown alongside Jenny Orchard and Roomie co-ordinators, Natalie McCarthy and Anne Kwasner.

Clarrice_Head III (640x427) Clarrice_Plate 3 (640x427) Clarrice_Creature Tree (640x427) Clarrice_Bunny (640x427)

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