markpicMark was a founding participant with Roomies Artspace from 2005-2012. During this time, Mark utilised unlimited independent access to Roomies studio. His dedication to his art practice and professional development has enabled him to build a significant body of work and refine his techniques in the subject and deconstruction of portraiture.
Mark has developed an original style of painting with a slow and careful deliverance. He chooses to paint subjects that are recognizable. He will repeat his motif of a person or people in a landscape but will to change it slightly each time by altering the jumper style, eye colour, or maybe introducing a hat or different background.  Composition and colour play an important part in his work and he works very hard at representation, continually refining his technique.
Mark starts his paintings by first doing a drawing of the image on the canvas. “It’s very technical and will take a few days, I will draw and redraw the image until I feel I get it right and then I will start the painting. The detail and complexity of the picture is very important and is what I enjoy about painting.”
In 2006 two of Marks Boys on the beach series were was added to the permanent art collection of NSW Parliament, 2008 Concord hospital purchased three works for their new hospital wing and in 2009 Mark was selected for AARTS box 2009.  Mark also received a Marrickville Council Artist grant in 2009 to have his first solo show at the Addison Rd Gallery.  Mark’s painting “A Boy In a Hat” was selected for the Wataboshi International Arts Festival Feb 2012.
In 2012, Mark chose to leave Sydney to be able to spend time with his family. He no longer attends RAS studio but has set up a studio at home and continues to his art practise and relationship with Roomies remotely. For Mark’s next body of work he wants to try new techniques to add a 3D quality to his portraits.

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