clarrice_photoClarrice Collien has been doing art ever since she can remember and does it every day. She has been a member of the Roomies Art program since 1999 and Roomies Artspace since it opened in 2005. Clarriceʼs local environment and fond childhood memories of living in the country informs her work. Bright colours, dogs, trees, flowers, cricket, playgrounds and parks are some of her favourite things and she will incorporate them into in many mediums including drawings, paintings, soft sculpture and ceramics.

Her most unique and popular works however are beautiful tapestries created with wool on fly screen that she calls “window wires”. She began doing the window wire tapestries when she was very young, a technique she learnt from her grandparents and now teaches to others. She taught her best friend David and sometimes run workshops with Roomies Artspace

The window wire tapestries have been included in many exhibitions such as AART Box and NSW Parliament Fountain Court Gallery in 2009, Unseen Ways-at Macquarie University Gallery 2010 and UTS Foyer Gallery 2011. In November 2012, Clarrice held her first solo show at the Damien Minton Gallery in Redfern, entitled “A Walk in the Park”. A critically acclaimed success, it was reviewed by Rachel Fuller in the Issue 21 of Artist Profile Magazine. She recently completed 40 window wire brooches as a commission for the Accessible Arts Table Fundraiser.

In 2011 Clarrice was commissioned to make new work for the Framing Gravity Exhibition at SCA Gallery with artist mentor, Denise Litchfield. They were given the task of introducing a new medium to her work. “For this, we used sticks and found objects and I wrapped sticks with the wool that I use in my window wires. I was very happy with the results. I really enjoyed learning something new and working with another artist to come up with something different for my art.”

Clarrice has also been involved in numerous art events and was included in the Activate Your Arts as a guest artist with the Supported Studio Network presentation and conducted Artist talks at Framing Gravity and AART box 2009.
With the support from funding received from the Amplify your Arts Program and RAS, Clarrice will be enjoying a mentorship program with artist Jenny Orchard in 2013. It will also assist her in creating a new body of work and try new techniques to learn and explore in the medium of ceramics.

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